Industrial Flexible Cables

We offer wide range Industrial Flexible Cables. These are fabricated by our trained professional engineers using high grade material. The complete range is highly effective in fixed wiring and flexible operations. These cables are used in various industries due to its vast specifications.

FRLS Sheathed Cable

R. S. Industries also offers wide range of FRLS(Fire Retardant Low Smoke Cables) Insulated And Sheathed Cable. These Electric Cables are manufactured using electrolytic grade copper. Our FRLS cables conforms to international specifications :

  • IEC 2843
  • IEC 2863
  • IEC 754 Part-I
  • IEC 332 Part-II
  • IEEE 383
  • SS 421475.

The FRLS PVC Sheathed cables have special properties

  • High temperature index that is greater than 250°C as against 120°C for general purpose PVC.
  • High resistance to flame propagation
  • High resistance to ignition
  • Low smoke emission thereby not obstructing visibility
  • Low emission of acidic fumes, reducing corrosion
  • Low toxic gas generation
  • Critical oxygen index much greater than general purpose PVC

Sheathed Fire Resistant Cables

Clients can avail a quality tested array of FR Insulated and Sheathed Cable which are highly capable of retarding flame in the event of fire. These electrical wires are manufactured from pure electrolytic copper bare conductors which offer low conductor resistance, it results in lower heating and high ampere carrying capacity thereby saving energy and life. Moreover, our Insulated Electrical Cables are insulated with finest grade PVC compound which maintains the thermal stability and ensures longer service life. Owing to these factors, our range is extensively used for concealed wiring in varied commercial and domestic buildings.

Insulated and Sheathed Cable

R. S. Industries also offers wide range of ZHFR Insulated And Sheathed Cable. These provide power supply even during emergencies like fires etc as these Zero Halogen Cables have high thermal stress resistance, low smoke formation and superior properties. Our range of ZHFR (Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Electrical Cables)Insulated and Sheathed Cable is appreciated all across the globe for its quality standards.

Multicore Cables

PVC insulated/sheathed Multicore Cables with flexible conductors are manufactured with most stringent quality contralto ensure total safety, prevention of shock hazards, less possibility of fires and complete assurance for a perfect system. E.C grade copper and dielectric grade virgin specially compounded PVC make these wires ideal for any industrial/ Equipment/appliances application. These insulated PVC cables are used for indoor movable installation in dry locations, connecting to source power portable electrical appliances operating under un-favourable conditions. PVC coated cables can also be used for DC voltages upto 1500 volts. We provide multicore cable, copper wire cables, insulated copper cable, stranded copper cable.

Single Core Cable

Single Core Cable offered find application as battery cables, in transmission of low voltage signals, in panel boards & electric motors, in equipment like D. C. power transformers and in different electrical installations in small, medium and large industries. Fabricated using quality material, these Single Core Cables ensure maximum efficiency and performance. For delivering superior performance, these bright annealed plain copper conductors can be made available in bunched or stranded forms and deliver superior flexibility and construction quality so as to withstand even high voltages.

PVC Insulated and Sheathed Cable

PVC Insulated and Sheathed Cable offered find main application in electric supply and control applications and are made available in market at cost competitive prices. Some of the end areas where these are preferred to be used include in heavy machines, feeders as well as in industrial and commercial electric applications where these heavy duty cables are able to efficiently handle different working voltages as per the particular operating specifications required. Made available in circular core with reduced neutral, these electrical cables are also suitable for use in AC single phase as well as three phase (earthed/unearthed) systems for different rated voltages.

Control Penal Wires, Electrical Panel Wires

Control Penal Wires , Electrical Panel Wires are used in the control panel boards that are used in various industries and domestic purposes to fit electric control circuits. For safety and control these panel boards require quality Electrical wire in it.