CCTV Camera Control Cable

We are manufacturing and exporting CCTV Camera Control Cable which are fabricated from a premium quality of raw-materials and known for its long service life. These range of products are resistance to heat and other atmospheric conditions.Our customers can avail these products with a market leading price.

RG59 CCTV Camera Control System Cables

NEOCAB CCTV cables are offered in two types namely 4+1 CCTV Cables & 3+1 CCTV cable.

Coaxial cable from the carrier for video signal and the other “4 cores” or “3 cores” from the carriers for power.

In this cables for CCTV control the coaxial cable is of type RG-59 Cable which are designed to transmit the complete video frequency range with minimum distortion or attenuation, making them an excellent choice for distance up to 1000 feets of installation.

The coaxial cable consists of solid annealed bare copper conductor of electrolyte grade which is insulated with Nylon foamed dielectric, aluminum foils taped, jelly flooded, braided with AL Alloy.

CCTV Camera Control Cable

CCTV Camera Cable offered comprise cables featuring composite structure of video as well as audio wires that find application in installing cameras with audio possibilities. Being precision designed and backed by latest production techniques, these CCTV Camera Cables are capable of carrying video signal of 75 Ohms Coax as well as audio of 12 Volts, thus making these highly suitable for installation of CC camera & surveillance systems. Further, the offered cabling option also allows users to connect CCTV surveillance cameras to outputs like VCR, DVR or PC based DVR system.